Set Up
Tax Free
Mauritius GBC2/GBL2

Establishment and First Year Fees

Starting US $805.00
3% Tax
Mauritius GBC1/GBL1

Establishment and First Year Fees

Starting US $5,750.00
Offshore Bank Account

Opening of Offshore Bank Account in Mauritius

Starting US $295.00

Registration: Specialised in offshore company formation such as holding companies and trading companies, opening of offshore bank accounts, trusts establishment, funds structuring and set up, establishment of foundations.

Administration: A team of experienced, enthusiastic, dynamic and client oriented professionals providing comprehensive administration to offshore entities and funds using latest technology available on the market.

So why should you use our services?

With so much competition in the industry, we understand that the smallest of details are oftentimes the most important for our clients. Our aim is to do everything possible to stand out in our industry.So why should you use our services?

  • We do not hide behind our prices - They are viewable on our website;
  • We take the extra step to make our customers feel welcomed;
  • We actually keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis;
  • We respond to emails immediately;
  • We provide a timeline for your incorporation;
  • We understand that to every problem there is a solution;
  • We work in full transparency and within the laws set out by the authorities;
  • We don't advise based on how much money we can get from clients, we look at our clients' needs above all;
  • Our prices are very competitive and much cheaper than our competitors;
  • We have a team of fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Our valued clients are spread out on a global scale. The map below provides an overview on how globally diversified our reach extends to.

Where are our clients based?

Clients statistics (Aug 2014)

Out of Asia 29.03%
Out of Africa 44.64%
Out of Caribbean 9.09%
Out of Europe 43.75%
Out of Middle East 9.52%
Out of North America 25.00%
Out of Pacific 5.00%
Out of South America 0.00%

Professional staff members to assist you plan your long-term financial future....